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Pail Piran is a Quiet, religious and historic town in the beautiful soon valley of Khushab District.It is situated along the top of mountain salt range that runs from east to west from Jehlum to Mianwali Pail Piran is most convenient and easy to reach as it has jointly highway from Chakwal, talagang and Khushab. Its territories extend to Padhrar in east and Jaba in the west. The people are mostly from Hashmi Sadat family, a decendant from Pir Khaja Noori, Pir Ali Qatal Shah, Bahauddin Zakria Multani and Asad bin Hashim an ancestor of Last Prophet Mohammad SAW. Pail -Piran was first setteled by tribe Called Raja's of Kattah and because of mircles (Mohjzaat) it was donated to Pir Khaja Noori (RUL) a grand father of Hashmies of Pail Piran. Pail Piran is very important and blessed village of Soon Valley in District Khushab having a Shrine of Pir Khaja Noori.

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The 'Soon Valley' (Urdu: [‎[‎وادئ سون)]] or Soon Sakesar is located in the northwest of Khushab District, Punjab, Pakistan. Eeastern border of Soon Valley starts from Poodhrar village and western border land mark is Sakesar. The Sakesar is the highest mountain peak in the region, 5010 feet highest peak of the Salt Range. The valley is 35 mile long and 9 mile wide.Important towns in the valley are Pail-Piran,Naushahra, Chitta, Sabhral, Khoora, Nowshera, Kufri, Anga, UGALISHARIF, Mardwal, Dhadhar, Uchali and Bagh Shams-ud-Din. Kanhatti Garden, Sodhi Garden, Da'ep and Sakesar are resorts located in the valley. The Awan tribe is settled in Soon Valley. Pail-Piran village is home to Hashmite Sadaats-descendents of Baha ud Din Zakkariyya Multani. Rajpoot Janjua resides in the villages of Katha Saghraal and Katha Misraal, on the foothill of Salt Range, outside the Soon valley.
Total villages = 31
Main villages = Padhrar, Pail-Piran, Naushahra,Ugalisharif,Mukrumi,Dhadhar, Mardwal, Kufri, Uchali, Khoora,Anga,Khabakki, kuradhi etc
Distance from Islamabad = 290 km
Distance from Sargodha = 110 km
Lakes =Ugalisharif& Uchali, Khabbaki, Jahlar, Khura Shrine=Baba Shikh Akbar din Of UgaliSharif = Roiza Mubarik Pir Khawaja Noori in Pail-Piran. source: