Sunday, October 20, 2013

Foot Prints of Hashemites of Pail-Piran in Muree Hills: Khas haay Takeeb main Quome Rasool E Hashmi(SAW)

The descendents of Hazrat Bahauddin Bahawal Haq  Zakkariyya Multani (RA) reached in the distant parts and difficult terrains of subcontinent, including Muree Hills.We find their foot prints in different villages in Muree Hills like Arwarhi  Piran (Muree), Fathorhe Piran  amnd Tappa (Muree), Malmoola Piran,Palasi Piran,Thathi Piran,Pattan Piran in  district Abbotabad.
The last abode (Khanqah) of the Hashemite elders-Pir Bhawan Shah and Pir Jamal Shah is located at Seehr close to MalmoolaPiran  on the road linking  Ghora Galli via Lorea  through Malmoola  Piran to Ayyubia. A date palm tree standing in front of Khanqah (a srtange place for an exotic tree of Arab origin in temperate area like Muree) also testifies the foot prints of the Arab descendents in this part of Pakistan.
These Pir Families,who are the local and in most cases sole  landlords of the area  are esteemed very  high by the descendents of Abbasids, who keep paying tribute to the elders of Hashemites by visiting the Khanqah regularly.Among the notables of Hashemite Sadaats of this area were Late Pitr Zahoor Shah Jageerdar of Arhwarhi and  Late DSP Syed Asghar Ali Shah of Malmoola Piran.

Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan- Family Tree of the Rulers

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