Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pir families of Pail-Piran

There are 3 main families of Hashmite Sadaat of Pail-Piran, all are descendents of Pir Khawja Noori- namely Fateh Shah-aal(Fatehshhaal), Daim Shah-aal(Daimshahhaal) and Kalay Shah-aal(Kalayal) with two sub families namely Sharaf Shah-aal(Sharafshhaal) and Sonay Shah-aal(Sonayshahhaal) who are closely related to the last two main families.
Some of Pir families of Pail-Piran have moved to places like Karuli-Piran,Thoha Bahadur,Pir Khanwaal etc in Chakwal district.While Pirs of Bhera Sharif (district Sargodha) and Pir Da Khara(district Chakwal) are closely related to these families.